If you were unlawfully arrested and/or detained, you may have a claim against the Minister of Police.
We are able to assist you with these claims on a “no win, no fee” basis, and our first consultation to ascertain if you have a claim is free.

Insolvency can be a complicated process where many finer details need to be dealt with efficiently and smartly.
We advise and assist individuals and companies in matters leading up to and relating to insolvency and sequestration, should you or your debtor be unable to pay debts or have more liabilities than assets. We then assist in the winding-up of insolvent estates, sequestration cases and liquidated companies.
Afterwards, we can help clients with all court-related matters on the road to financial rehabilitation.

In conjunction with various specialists in this field, we can help you in all matters relating to injury, negligence, third party and related claims.

This specialised facet of South African law deals with the drafting of agreements (including those for shareholders, associations, partnerships, and supply and distribution), deeds of sale (including shares), leases and other agreements relating to real estate.
We can assist you in the drafting and legalising of contracts, and matters relating to the fulfilment thereof, including litigation and administration.
We are also equipped to handle debt collection, the incorporation of companies and close corporations, and matters relating to insurance law.
For quick company registrations, contact us.


Litigation usually starts with a simple disagreement regarding anything from money owed to a breach of the terms of an agreement.
If the parties cannot reach an agreement or if one party feels taken advantage of, the dispute must be settled in court.
While we specialise in claims exceeding R200,000.00 and focus on High Court litigation, we can assist in all areas of litigation and pride ourselves on our excellent track record in these matters.

Conveyancing is the transfer of property from one person or entity to another.
We offer a comprehensive solution for all conveyancing and real estate matters, including transfers, registration of notarial bonds, servitudes and other notarial documents.
Click here for an explanation of the conveyancing process.
You can also use our conveyancing cost calculator to estimate the costs you will be liable for when purchasing a property.

By separating a property's legal control from its rightful ownership through a trust, you may rest assured that all matters relating to the property will be handled in accordance with your wishes in the case of absence, illness, or death.
We can assist in drawing up contractual trust agreements, deeds and wills; administer the trusts and estates; or advise and assist in any related litigation.

Family law is the legal arm of all matters relating to the family, including marriage, divorce, maintenance and children’s rights.
We take care in providing a sensitive yet open service in this regard, helping you in all matters relating to divorce.

An antenuptial (“marriage”) contract is an essential step before marriage, as it regulates your financial position during marriage and also protects you in the case of divorce or death.

We can assist you in drawing up these contracts, ensuring that all parties are aware of their position and rights; and help to amend contracts,- should your financial position change after marriage, by lodging a court application.

Click here to download our explanation regarding the different matrimonial property systems.